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Career Search Services

All services are designed to assist global job hunters in 2021 in Asia, Japan, & America

Automatic Job Hunting [ Includes Visa Sponsorship ]
A Career Search Consultant conducts your job hunting assignment for you in Asia, Japan, or America if you do require Visa Sponsorship. TheJEGroup!
Only $1,860

Automatic Job Hunting [ No Visa Sponsorship Included ]
A Career Search Consultant conducts your job hunting assignment for you if you are a citizen in either Asia, Japan, or America and do not require Visa Sponsorship. TheJEGroup!
On Sale! Now Only $228.

Resume Blast! [ Career Search Consultant not included ]
Automatic Resume Distribution to thousands of employers who are hiring now or in the near future. TheJEGroup!
Starts at just $15

Professional Interview Training
Confidence building interview training with TheJEGroup! Career Search Consultants with a Q&A session included.
Trial Lesson $10

Resume Creation | Resume Translation Services
Our Resume Creation Team offers to write a winning document that will shine. Require professional translation services? English to Japanese, Chinese, & Spanish.
Starts at just $48 Contact TheJEGroup! for a free quote.

Fashion Models | Dancers | Actors | Artists of all kinds
For beginners to professionals, TheJEGroup! offers to assist to locate and secure gigs & jobs across Asia, Japan, & America.
Price: 60 | 40



Looking for a specialist that offers to conduct your online marketing campaign? Contact TheJEGroup! to discuss your requirements and for a free quote.
Starting price: $98

If what you are looking for is an online business English Teacher, TheJEGroup! offers to introduce you to Instructors from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England as well,. Only $22 per lesson

Website Editors or Assistant Editors, TheJEGroup! offers to introduce you to the best. Online or offline, our Freelance Editors can take your digital content to the next level. We also offer Proofreaders for small to large projects. As low as $19 per page. Affordability is the cornerstone of our business.

Looking for original content writers who can bring your business to life? TheJEGroup! offers writers for online digital businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and other unique venues as well. Our pricing starts at the low cost of $34 per page. For a free quote, contact our office today.


Fashion Modeling
From the runway to on location Fashion Modeling, TheJEGroup! offers professional photographers located in Japan. English & Japanese speaking.
Starting at only $98 Contact us for a free quote.

Got a story that just needs to be told with images? Have a project in Japan or around the world that merits hiring a professional PhotoJournalist? Our prices are low and start
at $54 depending on the assignment. Contact TheJEGroup! for a free quote.

Weddings Events Promotion
Getting married? Having a sporting event? Want amazing images of your party? Promoting a new business or attraction? We offer the best in photography with our very own in-house image makers. For the low price of only
$45, you can have high quality images at a great price.

News Action Natural Disasters
We are in the land of natural disasters. Our photographers go to the hot spots around Japan in an instant. News is our business and when a story breaks out, we are there to get the real story with images that give the facts to your audience straight. For as low as $88, you can have an extension of the news right here in Japan.

Contact TheJEGroup! for additional information to your unique requirements today!






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